Soulmate Revolution

Find All Your Soulmates - Including the One. 

Former Zen Monk Allan Knight
Invites You to Soulmates Connect Now

“Ah, that famous question. Do we have only one soulmate? I believe we have many

soulmates if we define soulmates as having a deep connections with someone.

We have friend soulmates, business soulmates or the more romantic soulmates.

Whatever type you desire to attract the one common denominator is you own

‘inner soulmate’. “

                                                                                                                 Allan Knight


  • Do you find that no matter how much you work on your spiritual and personal development, you still feel alone or unfulfilled?
  • Are you frustrated that attracting deep connections into your life is not quite as easy as finding more ‘friends’ on social media?
  • Are you disappointed in how using law of attraction techniques and the power of positive thinking have not yet resulted in you finding soulmates, including the one?

A Zen Zone Approach
Finding the Deep Connections You Deserve...

In this busy social media world full of hundreds of so-called friends, conscious people like yourself may still feel isolated on the deepest level. Oh, you might feel good about yourself, but deep down know that you are ultimately meant to share it with others, and yes even with one who truly understands and loves you at the most profound level.

Isolation and Loneliness


Things seem even more challenging during these challenging times when we can experience increased feelings of social isolation. So do we give up? Of course not, because where faced with challenges there are always solutions. So what’s holding you back? You may be blocking these important unions from taking place due to unresolved past relationship patterns and due to a lack of conviction that you really deserve to have it all in life.

You may have been burned in relationships and are doing everything to avoid feeling that hurt again. You may be someone who is attracted to people who are not into you and not into the ones that are. Or, you may be someone who likes your space and resists anything that might invade it through manipulation and control. Whoever you are, it’s time to get fed up with the patterns that hold you back and begin to do whatever is required to bring happiness and fulfillment into your life.

Could a former Zen Monk have figured out the solution for attracting soulmates?

Through his 9 years living as a Zen Monk and with over 30 years of coaching and training experience, Allan Knight has figured out a simple and powerful way for you to activate your ‘inner soulmate’, which in his estimation is the missing link in soulmates coming together. 

Yes, Allan believes that all great relationships start within and with his unique ability to infuse Eastern philosophy with Western Psychology we now have access to a training program that will enable you to fast track your ability to attract heart centered relationships. With all the divisiveness in the world today it is truly the right time for the Soulmate Revolution!

Accepting and Loving Yourself

Can you really say that you love yourself like you would your own child?

By igniting your ‘inner soulmate’ you will magnetize all your soulmates!

Attracting your true soulmate requires more than ‘personal awareness’…it requires true transformation!

Getting the love you desire requires more than luck or wishful thinking…it means loving yourself first!This process will work even where others have failed…..but you’re still alone!

Soulmates Connect Now helps you achieve the self mastery, self confidence and personal magnetism that you need in order to attract deep connections. By infusing the inner secrets of the mind and heart along with the communication skills needed you will then be able to activate and accelerate the soulmate connections.

You will be able to...

  • End your sleepless nights wishing and wanting more out life
  • Enjoy companionship, fun and great communication 
  • Really feel what it means to be appreciated, loved and respected
  • Finally have your true best friend and lover
  • Rejoice in sharing and receiving unconditional love
  • Feel how great it is to have amazing people in your life

There is just NO other process like this

What is unique about this process?

This program is a fast track and practical step by step system that produces results quickly. If you implement the tools and techniques provided you will see significant results within 60-90 days. And not only that, you will then have a self coaching system for life to help you navigate this current pandemic and chaotic world with self mastery and ultimately with the soulmate you’ve always dreamed of being with. It took a cloistered Zen Monk to put this together, and boil it down to a practical and simple formula that you can act on right away.

By Joining Soulmates Connect Now you will:

  • Finally get to accept, respect and love yourself unconditionally
  • Let go of fears, insecurities and anxieties that have held you back way too long
  • Step into a place of ‘feeling great in your own skin’ ooooozzing self confidence you’ve always dreamed of having
  • Begin connecting effortlessly, authentically and assertively with others without feeling nervous or self doubt
  • Unleash your personal magnetism that will inspire others to want to be around you
  • Know from the depth of your being that you are ready and deserving to finally meet your soulmate

Join Soulmates Connect Now and you will be on your way to attracting the most incredible relationships!
Don’t take our word for it, just listen to what other have said about Allan’s program…

“As a result of Allan Knight’s program not only have I attracted the most amazing partner into my life, but it is has helped me be more confident in every area of my life.” -Marianne

“Before Taking Allan’s program I suffered from introversion and shyness for most of my life. I was amazed to see how quickly Allan’s program helped me finally let go my negative past and build up the confidence that I needed in order to attract the person of my dreams.” -Robert 

P.S. The best time to take charge of your relationship life was years ago. The second best time is today.

Take action now!