Unlock the Secret to Attracting Your Soulmate Now

Former Zen Monk Allan Knight
Invites You to Fast Track the Soulmate Process

  • Do you find that no matter how much you work on your spiritual and personal development, you lie awake alone?
  • Are you frustrated that attracting your soulmate is not quite as easy as finding more ‘friends’ on social media?
  • Are you disappointed that using law of attraction techniques and the power of positive thinking have not yet resulted in you finding your true soulmate?

9 Steps to Find the Love You Deserve...

In this busy social media world full of hundreds of so-called friends, aware and conscious people like yourself may still feel lonely on the deepest level. Oh, you might feel good about yourself, but deep down know that you are ultimately meant to share it with someone else who truly understands and loves you at the most profound level. You also know that through this unique partnership, by working as a team you are able to have a much greater impact in the world.

Yet like so many others you know that you’re blocking this important union from taking place due to unresolved past relationship patterns and a lack of a strong conviction that you deserve to have it all. Through his 9 years living as a zen monk and with over 30 years of coaching and training experience, Allan Knight has figured out a simple and powerful way for you to activate your ‘inner soulmate’,which in his estimation is the missing link in soulmates coming together.

Could a former Zen Monk have figured out the solution for attracting your soulmate and condensed it into 9 simple steps?

Through his unique approach Allan Knight can show you a fast track method to find, connect and be loved by your soulmate…So what’s holding you back?

  • Are you still struggling with the belief that you don’t really deserve to have the love you want?
  • Do you find it easy attracting and sustaining quality relationships, yet never found your true soulmate?
  • Are insecurity, shyness and being overly self critical keeping you from having the mindset you need to attract your soulmate?
  • If you answered YES to any of those questions, are you ready to learn Allan Knight’s 9 Step fast track solution…

Allan Knight can relate….

Allan did not develop this program simply out of an intellectual curiosity, as he can totally relate to any fear and insecurity you might have. By the age of 24 he lost both his parents to cancer. His older brother was a hard act to follow having become a doctor, was the most popular guy in school, handsome as they come and to boot was a great athlete. So Allan suffered for years filled with insecurity about how he looked, getting poor grades in school and his feelings of social anxiety.
But rather than complain and keep comparing himself to his brother, he turned all of this into an opportunity to grow. He realized that blaming others and the world around him would not benefit anyone. He decided to take responsibility for his life which among other things has resulted in a most revolutionary approach to finding your soulmate.

Why this process will work for you when others might have failed you?

  • Reading self help books and attending motivational seminars are great for inspiration and short lived motivation.
  • However, attracting your true soulmate requires more than ‘personal awareness’. It requires genuine transformation.
  • The Soulmate Revolution Fast Track helps you unleash your inner soulmate of self mastery, self confidence and personal magnetism that you need in order to attract your soulmate partner. As a former zen monk Allan has been able to infuse the inner secrets of the mind with the communication skills needed in order to activate and accelerate the soulmate connection.
  • Yes. Allan has a gift – the ability to reduce the ‘fuzzy’ world of attracting your soulmate into 9 practical steps. By following Allan’s tools and techniques, you will fast track your ability to achieve a level of connecting you were not even aware of.
  • Not only that, your new ability to attract and connect will make a profound impact on all those around you, making their lives much richer in the process.
  • You will feel so good about yourself and your life that you will finally be ready to magnetize your soulmate. You owe it to your family, your loved ones, and mostly YOURSELF to take action now by registering for the Soulmate Revolution Fast Track solution...

What is unique about this process?

  • This program is a fast track and practical step by step system that produces results quickly. If you implement the tools and techniques provided you will see significant results within 60-90 days.
  • And not only that, you will then have a self coaching system for life to help you navigate this chaotic world with self mastery and ultimately with the soulmate you’ve always dreamed of being with.
  • It took a cloistered Zen Monk to put this together, and boil it down to 9 simple steps that you can act on right away.
  • That’s why Allan’s method has been called “Revolutionary in the Self Help industry".

What you will be able to learn?

  • You will finally get to accept, respect and love yourself in a most profound way laying the critical foundation you need in order to attract your soulmate
  • You will learn at last how to let go the fears, introversion and insecurity that have held you back all these years.
  • You will step into a place of ‘feeling great in your skin’ and projecting the kind of self confidence with others you’ve always dreamed of having
  • You will begin connecting effortlessly, authentically and assertively with others without being nervous, doubtful, or feeling like its ‘just not you’
  • You will unleash a magnetic personal presence that inspires others to want to be around you.
  • You will feel that you can approach and connect with anyone at anytime fearlessly and with full confidence in who you are
  • You will finally know from the depth of your being that you are deserving and ready to meet your soulmate

There is just NO other process like this


If you have had it up to here with dysfunctional or ‘hum drum’ relationships that are holding you down like a three ton anvil…


If you are tired of seeing others enjoy the type of relationship you’ve always dreamed of having…


If you are very serious about taking your personal development to a whole new level in order to attract what you have always wanted….

Then access the Soulmate Revolution Fast Track and you will be on your way to attracting a most incredible relationship into your life!
Don’t take our word for it, just listen to what other have said about Allan’s program…

Marianne - “As a result of Allan Knight’s program not only have I attracted the most amazing partner into my life, but it is has helped me be more confident in every area of my life.”

Robert – “Before Taking Allan’s program I suffered from introversion and shyness for most of my life. I was amazed to see how quickly Allan’s program helped me finally let go my negative past and build up the confidence that I needed in order to attract the person of my dreams.”

P.S. The best time to take charge of your relationship life was years ago. The second best time is today. Take action now and finally put your relationship life in order, make inner turmoil a thing of the past, and harness the secret skills Allan reveals to help finally find the love you truly deserve.

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