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Discover What’s Holding You Back

After years of personal development under your belt, do deep connections with others still elude you?

  • Discover how a former Zen Monk unlocked the keys to the soulmate dilemma.
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Seize Your Chance To Really Connect

In this Social Media driven world with hundreds of so-called friends, conscious people like yourself still feel isolated on the deepest level.While you appear to others as being quite successful, deep down, you know that you long for deep, meaningful, and fulfilling connections, including The One.

Leave Isolation and Loneliness Behind

You have been burned in relationships and have been trying  to avoid feeling that pain again. You are attracted to people who are not into you, or you’re not into the ones who are.  By now, at this stage of your life, you are fed up with these unwanted patterns that keep you from experiencing deep, joyous, and fun-filled relationships.The truth is that we have stopped connecting with each other because we have stopped connecting with ourselves.Are you ready to learn what is holding you back? More importantly are you ready to commit to attracting those deep connections that you truly deserve? Learn more

This former Zen Monk has figured out the solution for attracting soulmates

With his 9 years of experience living as a Zen Monk and over 30 years of coaching and training others, Allan Knight has solved the soulmate dilemma.His simple and powerful 9 Step formula helps you to activate your ‘inner soulmate’, which in his estimation is the missing link for attracting heart-centered connections into your life.As you know all great relationships begin within. With Allan’s unique ability to infuse Eastern philosophy along with Western Psychology you now have access to a training program that will enable you to speed up your ability to attract not only quality relationships in work and life but also the soulmate that you deserve. Learn more

Start with Accepting and Loving Yourself

Can you really say that you love yourself like you would your own child?By igniting your ‘Inner Soulmate,’ you will finally let go of being so self-critical, so hard on yourself, and being your own worst enemy.The 9 Step formula will finally put to rest these patterns that are corrupting your soul to unleash your Inner Power to attract the most incredible relationships in your life; including The One. Learn more

Know That We Have Many Soulmates

“Ah, that famous question, do we have only one soulmate? I believe we have many soulmates if we define soulmates as having a deep connection with someone. We have friend soulmates, business soulmates, and more romantic soulmates. Whatever type you desire to attract, the one common denominator is your own ‘Inner Soulmate’.The Soulmate Formula will help you attract all of them, especially the one. Finally, you will have the belief in yourself and the confidence and personal charisma to attract deep connections you’ve longed for, in business and in life. Learn more

Realize Significant Results Within 60 to 90 Days!

Allan’s program is a fast-track and practical step-by-step system that produces results quickly. When you implement the tools and techniques provided you will see significant results within 60-90 days.And not only that, you will then have a self-coaching system for life to help you navigate this chaotic world with self-mastery, ultimately with the soulmate you’ve always dreamed of being with. It took a cloistered monk to put these 9 steps together, and boil it down to a practical and simple formula that you can act on right now. Learn more

Are You Finally Ready To

  • …end your sleepless nights wishing and wanting more out of your life?
  • …enjoy companionship, fun, and great communication?
  • …really feel what it means to be appreciated, loved, and respected?
  • …finally, have your true best friend and lover
  • …rejoice in sharing and receiving unconditional love?
  • …feel how great it is to have amazing people in your life?

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The Soulmate Formula will help you…

Accept, respect and love yourself unconditionally.

Connect authentically and effectively with anyone at any time.

Let go of fears, insecurities and anxieties that have held you back.

Unleash your personal magnetism to attract and inspire others.

Feel great in your own skin, with the confidence to impact others.

Know that you deserve to finally meet your soulmates, including the one!

Within weeks you can be well on your way to attracting the most amazing relationships!


Here’s what others have said about Allans’ program…

Marianne “As a result of Soulmate Formula not only have I attracted the most amazing partner into my life, but it has helped me be more confident in every area of my life.” Marianne Robert

“Before taking the Soulmate Formula I suffered from introversion and shyness for most of my life. I was amazed to see how quickly this program helped me finally let go of my negative past and transform it into the confidence that I needed to attract the person of my dreams.”

Robert Nitin Yyagi

“Allan’s coaching sessions were exactly what I needed to focus on in order to achieve the important goals in my life. It is amazing what a change in mindset has brought to my life and I would recommend Allan’s program to anyone who wants to be more confident, bold and effective as a communicator.”

Nitin Yyagi Michelle Pereira

“Allan Knight is an amazing Relationship coach and mentor. More importantly, his wisdom is profound and his teaching methods are practical and effective. He has not only helped me get through some tough times in my life. I highly recommend Allan’s program to anyone who is serious about taking their life and business to the next level!”  

Michelle Pereira Lynn Goodacre

“Allan had been recommended to me by a friend when I was feeling stuck in my life. Boy am I happy they did! His program helped me to get out of my own way! As a direct result of working with Allan, I have achieved a lot more success both personally and professionally. I would recommend Allan to anyone who is truly ready to do the inner work required to live their dreams.”

Lynn Goodacre

The best time to have taken charge of your relationship life was years ago.

The second best time is today!  Take action now…

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